ZyXEL Announces P-2802HW-I Series for Triple-play Services

802.11g Wireless VDSL2 IAD supports higher speed and more efficient applications

Hsinchu, Taiwan, October 3, 2007 -- ZyXEL Communications (TSE: 2391), world's leading broadband access solutions provider, today unveils its P-2802HW-I Series designed for high-speed triple-play applications. P-2802HW-I is an IP-based VDSL2 IAD with 802.11g wireless functionalities supporting VoIP telephony with multiple SIP numbers and voice channels. In addition, the device has powerful QoS capabilities to prioritize traffic for better bandwidth utilization, firewall and IPSec VPN for higher security level and easy installation for effortless, worry-free network management. Furthermore, P-2802HW-I series supports the TR-069/TR-104 functionalities which allow the service providers to configure the users' device remotely in order to shorten service time and improve the service quality.

"VDSL2 technology is ready to be broadly deployed by carriers for capitalizing on triple-play services." said Albert Ju, Senior Assistant VP of CPE Business Unit. "ZyXEL P-2802HW-I series provides users powerful technologies, such as TR-069, VoIP, QoS, and firewall security to achieve customers' anticipation in triple-play service."

The VDSL2 standard employed by the P-2802HW-I Series is a new technology supporting triple-play applications with upstream and downstream bandwidth up to 100/50Mbps(100/100Mbps is optional), providing even higher speed than traditional ADSL2+ IAD. With the ZyXEL P-2802HW-I Series VDSL2 IAD, service providers can generate more revenue from triple-play services.
The Network Applications have been more diversified and popular in the world. Some applications, like VoIP, HDTV and FTP, are in widespread use with the growing bandwidth. Each application requires a certain level of bandwidth, therefore, managing and prioritizing the network applications becomes important to let it be elastic. QoS offers a mechanism that gives traffic with different kinds of marking in order to prioritize the traffic and manage bandwidth. The P-2802HW-I series enables users to manage the network applications with guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS) features to enhance the network efficiency and service quality.

For VoIP, the P-2802HW-I Series supports multiple SIP numbers and a mechanism that assigns numbers freely. Even with just one SIP number from service provider, the P-2802HW-I still allows users to operate 2 phone ports simultaneously for more convenience and users can still make regular phone calls with the PSTN Lifeline support (P-2802HWL-Ix series only) in case of any power failure.

With the penetration of network subscriber is rising, service providers need an efficient way to deploy the network service. P-2802HW-I series supports TR-069/TR-104 for remote configuration by ACS (Auto-configuration service) to create an invisible bridge in achieving the remote service between end users and service providers.TR-069/TR-104 defines the communications between CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) and ACS to allow ACS to configure the parameters on CPE remotely. By the remote functionalities, service provider can shorten the service time and improve service quality on the service deployment and after sale service.

The ICSA-Compliance ZyNOS operating system ensures state-of-the-art firewall performance and robust security of the P-2802HW-I Series. Its Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) and Denial of Service (DoS) features provide the first-line defense against hackers, network intruders and other hazardous threats.

The ZyXEL P-2802HW-I Series is currently available. ZyXEL offers P-2802HW Series for two different VDSL specifications -- VDSL over POTS/ISDN; while ZyXEL P-2802HWL works with conventional PSTN and VoIP phones simultaneously. As a solution provider with diversified VoIP product lines and abundant global market experience, ZyXEL has committed to providing comprehensive VoIP solutions through its global sales network, system integrators, and value-added resellers.

P-2802HW-I1      802.11g Wireless VDSL2 VoIP IAD over POTS
P-2802HW-I3      802.11g Wireless VDSL2 VoIP IAD over ISDN
P-2802HWL-I1    802.11g Wireless VDSL2 VoIP IAD over POTS with Lifeline
P-2802HWL-I3    802.11g Wireless VDSL2 VoIP IAD over ISDN with Lifeline

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