The ZyXEL Receives ' Best of Times ' Award From LANTIMES

ANAHEIM, CA, April 24, 1997�V LANTIMES awarded the ZyXEL ISDN terminal adapter with its "Best of Times" award in its April 14, 1997 issue. In tests against thirteen leading terminal adapters, editors awarded the ZyXEL primarily for its "crisp design, bright LEDs and easy implementation" in addition to its reliable performance and thorough technical support.

"We introduced the at Comdex Fall ��96 and specifically tailored its features for individual users primarily seeking Internet access. We are pleased to see LANTIMES point out the as not only the easiest to use for all three user groups, but also a terminal adapter with top notch features and implementation," says Munira Brooks, ZyXEL marketing and sales manager. "We have worked hard to perfect the terminal adapter. We are glad to see LANTIMES notice and honor our efforts as a successful result of our goal ."

According to LANTIMES testing editors, the test methodology was based on the ease of installation, feature sets and management applications of 13 ISDN terminal adapters. "We examined the quantity and quality of features, including extra ports, LEDs, diagnostics and analog support. We found this to be one of the biggest differentiating factors among the various products," says Steven G. Clegg, one of the LANTIMES testers. "We (also) looked at vendor service and support. After all, when products head to the commodity market, service and support are key distinctions among them."

The was tested against a number of leading terminal adapters including the Farallon Netopia ISDN, Motorola BitSURFR Pro, 3Com 3ComImpact IQ and Tyan N1732D Netscalibur.

Technical Features of the Award-Winning
The ZyXEL offers simultaneous analog calls using two of its analog ports. Users can connect a combination of any two analog devices, such as telephone, fax machine, modem and answering machine. The allows users to send or receive data to or from a modem, talk on the phone or send and receive faxes at the same time �V all using one ISDN line.

Features of the include:

  • Multi-Auto Answer which automatically answers and identifies calls as analog (analog port) or digital calls, and routes them accordingly. It automatically detects and accepts incoming calls for PPP, V.120 and V.110 freeing the user from manual protocol configuration.
  • PPP Multilink Protocol allows for full-bandwidth of 128Kbps with other ISDN terminal adapters. It can be used for both the "call-" and "answer-" modes.
    Bandwidth on Demand which automatically adds and removes the second B Channel based on data traffic.
  • Call Bumping automatically drops a B Channel during a Multilink PPP call when an incoming or outgoing analog call is detected.
  • Universal compatibility and performance by supporting AT&T 5ESS, Northern Telecom DMS-100, Siemens EWSD switches with National ISDN-1 and Customs protocols.
  • Compatibility with all popular operating environments including Windows ��95 , Windows NT , OS/2� , DOS , Macintosh , UNIX and Novell .
    High-speed serial connection using a capable IO card allows users to reach data transfer speeds of up to 460.8Kbps, reducing data bottlenecking at the DTE Interface.
  • With the choice of V.42bis compression over V.120 and Stac Compression over PPP, users can transfer data at the maximum speed of 460.8Kbps, reducing transfer time and cost of line usage.
  • Call Back Security with Password Protection for up to 40 users.
    CHAP (Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol) and PAP (Password Authentication Protocol), allowing the users to authenticate connections to the Internet or Intranet.
  • Flash EPROMs that allow users to easily update features, and the Kernel Recovery Mode which provides hassle-free recovery of failed FLASH uploads.


Pricing and Availability
The has a suggested retail price of US $299, and is one of the most economical communication solutions currently available on the market. "No other manufacturer offers the same combination of features, ease of use and tried and true performance at this price," says Brooks.

ZyXEL��s ISDN product line also includes the Omni TA128 ISDN terminal adapter with dual DTE serial ports and dual analog ports, the Elite 2864I ISDN terminal adapter with a built-in V.34 modem, the Prestige 2864I ISDN remote access router with V.34 connectivity and the new Prestige 128 ISDN remote access router. With the feature sets of ZyXEL ISDN products, including features such as active cards with their own CPU and memory, they comprise the only product line of its kind in its price range.

About ZyXEL
ZyXEL Communications, Inc.(, located in Anaheim, California, is a leading supplier of high-speed ISDN terminal adapters, ISDN remote access routers, modems and compatible LAN/WAN data communications products. Since its inception, ZyXEL has built a reputation as the price/performance leader in modems by providing high-quality products at affordable prices.