LinkE@SY Network, Inc. Signs agreement with ZyXEL Communications, Inc. to provide international Internet access to ZyXEL's modem and router customers

Los Angeles, CA - February 16, 1999- ZyXEL Communications, Inc., a leading manufacturer of products for high speed internet access, video conferencing, and high volume data transfers, announced a promotional relationship with LinkE@SY Network, Inc., an Internet Service Provider and Data Center. This agreement partners Linkeasy as the exclusive provider of Internet access to be included with ZyXEL products.

"ZyXEL is as driving force in the Modem and High Speed Data Transfer industry, and we look forward to a long term, successful business relationship," said Don Calfee, Linkeasy's Sales Manager. "This agreement will bring an added value for ZyXEL customers and will allow Linkeasy to continue growth in the internet service market".

ZyXEL Product Highlights
Prestige Series ISDN Remote Access Routers are the first to integrate Router, ISDN, and V.34 into a single device. The prestige P100IH and P100MH SOHO Series with built-in 4 port hub are available with S/T or U interface.

Omni Series ISDN Terminal Adapters are designed to simplify ISDN in the home or office with affordable pricing, plug & play ease, solid performance, and universal compatability.

U336 Series includes data/fax/cellular 28.8k and 36k modems. The products work in all environments and are fully compatible with all popular modem and software packages

LinkE@SY is an Internet Service Provider and Data Center with a proven track record of stability and excellent customer service. LinkE@SY has been a leading provider of Internet Services, Web-hosting and Co-hosting since 1996. LinkE@SY offers a wide variety of Services ranging from Dial-up access through Business Solutions such as Web Development, Ecommerce, and Co-location services.

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