"... and the Winner is" : ZyXEL Announces Winner of "Oldest Product" Competition

Participants with old ZyXEL products contributed anecdotes and "love stories" from around the world

Hsinchu, Taiwan, October 23, 2009 -- To celebrate its 20th anniversary in August, network specialist ZyXEL launched a worldwide competition to find the "Owner of the Oldest ZyXEL Product". Owners were asked to take a photo of themselves, their product and products' serial numbers, and then submit the information to the ZyXEL forum. Whether the owner's old analog modem was hidden in an attic, exhibited in a computer museum or is even still in action, ZyXEL wants to hear the tale.

A wealth of nostalgic comments made reading the forum contributions like a walk down memory lane for the ZyXEL team. "My first modem" was a description written quite often and even reports of 18-year-old modems that are still working and carrying out some analog tasks were received. Two products were mentioned most frequently: U-1496, the world's first integrated voice/fax/modem from 1992 and the Elite 2864I, the world's first analog/digital ISDN modem from 1995.

ZyXEL has now contacted the main winner from the United States who is still in possession of a ZyXEL U-1496S which actually dates back to1991. This was ZyXEL's first product and it shipped only in early 1991 in very small numbers, this entry came as a surprise to ZyXEL. The owner wrote that he received the modem as part of his technical training and commented "My experience with ZyXEL has been very important in my true understanding of communications hardware."

More winners were named from Turkey, Poland, Germany, Ecuador and India. Along with the US winner, each of these winners will receive a bundle of ZyXEL's latest multimedia products. Additionally ZyXEL put some further entries into a lucky draw and these 20 winners will each receive a Powerline PLA-491.

Through this competition, we look back into the past two decades. ZyXEL has experienced numerous changes and challenges and it is this continuous process that fuels ZyXEL's growth. For a company, 20 years in business is the foundation for achieving sustainable development, but it is just the start of another journey. ZyXEL is poised to take our technologies, product quality, customer service and satisfaction to an even higher level for the era beyond 20 years.

About ZyXEL Communications
ZyXEL Communications Corp., founded in 1989 and headquartered in Taiwan, is the leading provider of complete broadband access solutions. As one of the early modem manufacturers, ZyXEL has undergone many transformations in the fast-paced networking industry. Today, ZyXEL is one of the few companies in the world capable of offering complete networking solutions of Telco, SME/Enterprise, and Digital Home for a wide range of deployment scenarios. Telco solutions include Wired and Wireless Access Network Equipments, Networking Customer Premises Equipments, and Carrier Switches. SME and Enterprise solutions include Unified Security Gateway, LAN Switches, WLAN, and IP Telephony. Digital Home solutions include Network Connectivity Devices and Multimedia Solutions.

The company has 3200 employees and distributors in 70 countries, reaching more than 150 regional markets. The ZyXEL Communications Corp. includes 32 subsidiaries and sales offices and two research and development centers worldwide.

For more information, visit the company's Website, http://www.zyxel.com.
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