The quick and easy fix for new PoE devices

The quick and easy fix for new PoE devices

While there continue to be supply constraints on some IT products, Zyxel can provide its latest PoE injectors without delay and for any business that needs a quick, simple and affordable solution, they are ideal, says Luke Harley, Switching Market Development Manager EMEA at Zyxel.

If you have tried to purchase new IT equipment over the past 18 months, you may have had to wait to get exactly what you want. A variety of factors have combined to restrict the supply of certain technology components and limit the number of finished products available.

While networking products on the whole have not been as impacted that much, there have been some delays. While that’s the reality, Zyxel has been encouraging partners and end-user customers to take a positive approach. If the product you want is not available right away, there may be ways in which you can enhance the performance of your current network equipment.

An effective option

When you want to deploy more PoE-powered devices, one very effective way of doing this is to use PoE injectors. These can be installed between your current switches any new PoE devices you want to install, such as a wireless access point or a surveillance camera.

I should point out that the switch you are connecting to does not need to have PoE capability – the Poe Injector will literally, ‘inject’ the power into the Ethernet cable. All you need is a power socket in a convenient place – somewhere between the switch and the place you want to deploy the PoE device.

Where you want to deploy only an extra one, two, or three devices, a PoE injector is a very good solution. We have two very good PoE injector products – the PoE12-30W and PoE12-60W which, as the product name suggests, offer different PoE power budgets. You might only need 30W for a single IP camera; for wireless access points that have two or more antennas, you will probably need the higher-rated injector.

Affordable and available

PoE injectors are very affordable, and the really good news is that, at the present time, we have good availability on our PoE injectors in the EMEA region.

If you want to deploy several PoE devices in the same area – a cluster of surveillance cameras or IP phones, or two or more access points, for example, you will be better off deploying a dedicated PoE switch. If that’s what you need, it’s worth waiting. While there are still some backlogs on PoE switches, they are not too long.

But if you do only need to deploy one of two PoE devices right now, a PoE injector is a good option and one that’s available to you immediately.