Power Up Your Network with Zyxel’s High-Powered PoE Switch Portfolio

Power Up Your Network with Zyxel’s High-Powered PoE Switch Portfolio

Businesses today face a fast-changing digital environment that demands a high-performance and dependable network infrastructure. Zyxel, a trusted partner in networking solutions, delivers a variety of Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches that can boost your network performance. Whether you want the convenience of unmanaged solutions or the control of cloud management, Zyxel has the best solution for you. We always required to deploy PoE switches in the network to get data connection and electrical power over a single copper cable. Zyxel PoE switches offer a high PoE power budget that is ample enough for high-density PD deployment, the PoE power budget range starts from 60 Watt and goes up to 960 Watt, and they support the 802.3at or 802.3bt (PoE+ & PoE++) standard to easily fulfill power-hungry PD requirements such as Dome camera, pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera and WiFi 6 Access Point.

A Switch to Suit Every Requirement

Zyxel's diverse portfolio spans Unmanaged, Cloud Managed, Smart Managed, and Managed PoE switches, ensuring a tailored solution for your unique needs. These switches are engineered to provide reliability, adaptability, and scalability, making them an excellent fit for a myriad of applications.

Empowering More Devices

With the burgeoning demand for network-powered devices, the need for switches that can deliver ample power is paramount. Zyxel's PoE switches support both PoE and PoE+ standards, guaranteeing compatibility with a wide array of devices. Furthermore, Zyxel's Multi-Gig PoE switches (XS1930, XMG1930, XGS2220) are primed for PoE++ (UPoE 60W), offering substantial power for even the most power-hungry devices.

High-Powered PoE at Your Fingertips

Zyxel's PoE switches boost generous power budgets to optimize performance, regardless of your specific requirements. This means you can seamlessly power numerous devices without compromising network performance, ensuring your operations run seamlessly.

Savings in Energy and Costs

Efficiency is paramount in today's world, and Zyxel's PoE switches are engineered with this principle in mind. These switches feature an intelligent consumption mode, delivering precisely the required power to connected devices. This not only reduces energy consumption but also translates into tangible cost savings, bolstering your business's return on investment (ROI).

Auto PD recovery features:

Zyxel’s Managed (XGS2220, GS2220) and Surveillance (GS1350) Series of switches are equipped with auto PD recovery function to intelligently detect problems and automatically recover from powered device malfunction, which not only reduces truck rolls but also shortens the recovery time significantly.

ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum)

Customers can use the ONVIF standard protocol to exchange information between network video devices including automatic device discovery. By using the ONVIF protocol, Zyxel’s surveillance switch GS1350 Series can obtain the ONVIF security-enabled device’s information such as system name and IP address. this lets you know which IP-based security products for example IP camera or NVR, is connected to the Switch.

Extended range for PoE distribution

GS1350 series of switches specifically designed for surveillance requirements which also support 'Extended range' feature to power PD devices up to 250 meters from the switch ports whereas traditional switches do support a range of approx. 90 meters over copper cable. This feature eliminates the cost of additional switches which required in traditional solutions. maximum POE power that can be supplied to a PD at 250 meters is 15 watts and transfer data at a rate of up to 10 Mbps in full duplex mode.

Outdoor Industrial grade PoE Switches:

Zyxel also has industrial grade switches to address the outdoor PoE requirement, the switches do support wide -range operating temperature design from -40 to 75 deg C. Rugged and reliable design for harsh environments, equipped with fanless and IP30 standard metal mechanism, by using best thermal control system these switches can be connected in dustiest deployment with wall or DIN rail mount.

Whisper-Quiet Operation

A noisy network switch disrupting your office environment is the last thing anyone desires. Zyxel's PoE switches are meticulously designed for near-silent operation. They are either fanless or equipped with smart fan designs that adjust fan speeds according to device temperature. Whether they grace your desktop or nestle in a rack, Zyxel switches seamlessly blend into any office setting.

Access Anywhere, Anytime

In today's interconnected world, remote support is no longer a luxury; it's a necessity. Zyxel simplifies this with the Nebula Control Center (NCC), granting you access to and management of your network from anywhere with an internet connection. Configure, monitor, and troubleshoot network issues with ease, without grappling with the complexities of remote site access. It's a game-changer for businesses with distributed networks.

With energy and cost savings, Zyxel's PoE switches help businesses create efficient and high-performance networks. Zyxel offers the ideal switch for every business size. Network management is seamless with quiet operation and Nebula Control Center. Experience the transformation with Zyxel's network upgrade.