Experience hospitality at its finest with our comprehensive solutions

Experience hospitality at its finest with our comprehensive solutions

Providing a cozy environment with all the amenities of a home is essential for a hotel. It improves customer satisfaction and loyalty and encourages positive experience sharing on accommodation review websites. WiFi has already been established as one of the most basic services guests look for when choosing a hotel, and demand for digital TV along with video and media on demand is swelling rapidly. These all require robust network infrastructure. With a proven track record in switching, WLAN, and security products, and with global services fortified by support from experienced partners with a local touch, Zyxel has hospitality solutions that help you bring in customers—and retain them.

Zyxel’s product could perfectly blend into all kinds of environments. For example, Zyxel provides ceiling mounts, wall mounts, wall plates, and small detector access points for various functions throughout hospitality areas. Hotel customers easily enjoy surfing the Internet no matter in and out of their rooms through their mobile devices with a seamless wireless experience. (Check for more Portfolio of wireless device).

Zyxel has worked with various hospitality venues and smart TV brands to ease the transition from an IP STB setup to a smart TV as well as to improve the end-user’s IPTV experience. Our switches come with advanced multicast features that completely ameliorate the impact of immature smart TV design. “Everything has gone perfectly since the new network went into operation. The ease of management, as well as the deployment of equipment across the center, has made it easy for us to provide quality WiFi for every visitor, wherever they are” said IT Manager Fortune Inn Riveria.

Last but not least Zyxel Nebula, is ideal for small to medium-sized hotels with chain stores in scattered locations. With Zyxel Nebula, the network administrator can control the entire network with remote accessibility, easy manageability, as well as instant WiFi connectivity.

In conclusion, Zyxel's hospitality solutions can help hotels improve their guests' experience, reduce costs, and increase revenue. They offer a comprehensive range of features and benefits, from reliable Wi-Fi connectivity to personalized guest experiences and advanced network management features. These solutions have been designed to meet the unique needs of the industry.