Zyxel security advisory for the new Mirai malware variant targeting P660HN devices


Zyxel P660HN devices running their latest firmware are immune to a Mirai malware variant first reported by Palo Alto Networks.


What's the vulnerability?

A newly discovered variant of the Mirai botnet malware may attempt to infect Zyxel P660HN Wireless ADSL Gateway devices by leveraging a legacy remote code execution vulnerability.


What should you do?

Zyxel released fixes for the P660HN devices in early 2017 and urges users to install them for optimal protection. For Zyxel products offered through Internet service providers (ISPs), please contact your ISP for further assistance.


Got a question or a tipoff?

Please contact your local service rep for further information or assistance. If you’ve found a vulnerability, we want to work with you to fix it—contact security@zyxel.com.tw and we’ll get right back to you.



Palo Alto Networks


Revision history

Initial release 2019-3-20