Zyxel security advisory for the Linux kernel TCP flaw

CVE: CVE-2018-5390



Zyxel products are not vulnerable to a newly reported TCP flaw in the Linux kernel.


What's the vulnerability?

The Linux kernel versions 4.9+ are vulnerable to denial of service conditions with low rates of specially modified packets.


What products are vulnerable?

None; we have examined all our products and confirmed that none of them are affected, either because they’re not Linux-based or are using non-vulnerable versions of the Linux kernel.


Got a question or a tipoff?

Please contact your local service rep for further information or assistance. If you’ve found a vulnerability, we want to work with you to fix it—contact security@zyxel.com.tw and we’ll get right back to you.



Thanks to US-CERT Coordination Center for reporting this vulnerability to us.


Revision history

Initial release: 2018-08-10