Zyxel Pipes in Secure Network Infrastructure Solution for Turkish Natural Gas Supplier

After securing a 30-year contract to provide natural gas the eastern Anatolia region of Turkey in 2014, utility company Doğugaz saw its business expand rapidly. During this period of growth, it quickly became apparent that the company’s network infrastructure would require an overhaul to keep pace. An upgrade was proposed to coincide with the establishment of offices in these new locations and to meet the expected increase in workload. To this end, Doğugaz agreed worked with Zyxel, with the latter providing the necessary technologies for the new network. Local ZyPartner MEB Bilgisayar delivered the on-the-ground expertise to increase data security and communication speed across the new network.

Our company provides services in three cities to a total population of over one million in the Eastern Anatolia region. We needed to provide seamless Internet access to our staff while fulfilling our security requirements. It was also important for us to ensure that our customers, who share the same Internet connection with us, use a secure connection. Additionally, as Law No. 5651 requires the institutions to record logs of websites visited by both staff and guests, we needed a solution that would allow us to fulfill this legal obligation. MEB Bilgisayar, a business partner of Zyxel, helped us with this project from the beginning to the end. We are glad to have chosen this solution supported by the technologies and experience of Zyxel.

Yakup Kadri Demir
IT Manager, Computer Engineer Doğugaz

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