Unlocking Seamless Stays at Argentine Hotel with Zyxel Nebula Solution

Argentine National Universities Federation of Workers (FATUN) faced networking challenges when operating its hotels, with an increasing number of guests and staff connecting to the existing infrastructure, which led to unstable and interrupted WiFi connectivity. To overcome this challenge, FATUN deployed Zyxel’s NWA1123ACv3 access points in its two hotels, Hotel Evita and Hotel 17 de octubre. The access points support a high demand for simultaneous connections, improving connectivity quality, particularly in corridors and shared spaces. The equipment was powered by the GS1920-24HP PoE Switch, providing the necessary bandwidth and coverage for the hotels. FATUN's investment in improving the WiFi infrastructure in their hotels helps provide quality service to guests and increase guest satisfaction. After the deployment was completed, hotel guests now enjoy better WiFi access to the internet, significantly enhancing their overall experience during their stay. Additionally, FATUN is impressed with Zyxel’s Nebula cloud networking solution, which can remotely spot and fix network issues in real-time, allowing FATUN to easily control both hotels' networks without hassle.

Before the implementation of Zyxel's solution, we frequently received complaints about poor internet connectivity, which caused us to divert our attention from our daily activities to address the issue. However, since the new network is in place, we no longer receive such complaints and can focus on the daily tasks of the hotel. Moving forward, we plan to work with Zyxel to further expand the WiFi coverage to other areas of the hotels.

Daniel Feil
Hotel Manager

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