Nebula Together Helps Italian Nonprofit to Keep Supporting Disadvantaged Kids and Families

With the arrival of Covid-19 lockdowns, an Italian non-profit association CasaOz was relying on internet connectivity more than ever: both to offer support and education through video calls and to allow its residents to keep in touch with loved ones. The nonprofit’s staff network needed to support up to 15 computers, often connected simultaneously for conference calls, while the guest network needed to support up to 40 mobile devices at once – and all in a two-story, 900-square-meter building with narrow corridors and thick concrete walls and columns. Besides, they want to build separate networks for students, staff and guests to secure communication. Zyxel Networks was called in, for one because its NWA1123-AC PRO access points are specially designed to work around such signal-blocking architecture. Also key was that its Nebula Together solution which consists of Nebula cloud networking solution and USG FLEX firewall together enables centralized management of network devices from a single control panel, greatly simplifying the tasks of monitoring and addressing security threats for CasaOz staff. If the firewall detects a threat on any connected client, it automatically syncs with the Nebula Control Center and pushes updated security policies to all remotely connected APs. Life isn’t quite back to normal in CasaOz yet, but the strong, steady connectivity it now enjoys is making a real difference to the children and families it’s helping.

Thanks to Zyxel Networks, CasaOz can continue to be there for these children and young people. Internet connections are essential to feel closer in this time of great difficulty, and we’re very grateful to have a team like Zyxel Networks who stand by your side to support you.

Enrica Baricco
President, CasaOz

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