How and Why Zyxel Helped a Turkish Five-Star Hotel Separate its Guests From its Staff

Customer relationships are a key part of running a successful business. But there’s one area where you should definitely be seeking to keep your employees and guests separated: their network access. This was a key concern of Turkey’s five-star Yasmin Bodrum Resort when it came calling on a Zyxel local partner. Partitioned access adds an extra security cushion to the business side of your network and means that when connectivity is limited, you can shift bandwidth in favor of staff users so your business operations aren’t affected. Here’s how we delivered this for Yasmin Resort.

Our hotel is located in Bodrum, a famous vacation town in Turkey. Yasmin Bodrum Resort offers 152 rooms and a holiday atmosphere. We needed to isolate the network used by our staff from that used by guests and to be able to manage the entire network on a single platform. [Zyxel business partner] Arma Bilişim designed a solution for us that integrated exactly the right hardware and software. The plan was completed smoothly and right on time.

Hasan Huseyin Cambaz
IT manager, Yasmin Bodrum Resort

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