Simple and strong switches for small business

Simple and strong switches for small business

With the GS1915 series, Zyxel is providing switches that are simple to set-up, configure and manage through the Nebula platform, making them the ideal choice for smaller businesses and shared or home offices, as Luke Harley, Switching Market Development Manager EMEA at Zyxel, explains.

You may have noticed that we have started to use the term ‘Just Connect’ quite a lot in our marketing communications. If you have not, you soon will. This is how we are describing the simplicity of deploying and managing Zyxel networking solutions. While the Just Connect concept applies to all our solutions, it’s a message that is perfectly encapsulated by the latest addition to our range of switches – the GS1915 series.

These switches are ideal for use in smaller businesses or in shared and home offices. The GS1915-8EP and GS1915-8 are (as you might guessed already) eight-port switches that come in PoE and non-PoE versions. (The ‘EP’ on the PoE model stands for ‘Eco Power’). We have designed them to be really quick and simple to set-up and connect. You can have a GS1915 switch up and running within minutes.

Easy to deploy and manage

The PoE model has a power budget of 60W, which is enough to support a couple of wireless access points or a handful of IP phones – or a mixture of both. While this is a relatively modest figure, it’s enough for most situations and helps to keep the GS1915 economical and simple.

The GS1915 series are also made to be used with other Zyxel products – such as our WiFi access points – and to be configured and managed through our Nebula cloud platform. This is really important as, in the new world of hybrid working, customers need networking solutions that are genuinely easy to deploy and manage remotely – from anywhere and on any device, even a smartphone.

That is exactly what we are providing with the GS1915 and what we are now calling our Simplicity family of products (of which you will be hearing more about quite soon) that are specifically designed for smaller businesses and home use.

Real simplicity

We are quite excited about the arrival of the GS1915 series. It has the power and capability to meet the needs of smaller businesses and groups of users, while also offering real simplicity. It also marks the start of our campaign to get the Just Connect message across to all of our customers and partners.

With a growing range of devices that are easy to install and configure, and in Nebula, a proven management platform through which you can monitor and control Zyxel solutions, we have a really strong value proposition, both for customers and managed services provider partners.

If you would like to learn more about the GS1915 series of switches, the Nebula cloud platform, or any of our easy-to-deploy and manage networking solutions, please contact your nearest Zyxel partner or office.

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