Why providing great WiFi can make a big difference to your business

Why providing great WiFi is can make a big difference to your business

We have all seen the infographic that was an in-joke a while ago, about the essentials of life, with self-actualisation (creativity, authenticity) at the top, underpinned by esteem (confidence, achievement), social needs (friendship, family), and then safety and security and basic physiological needs such as food, water, shelter, and sleep.

Then finally, at the bottom of the pyramid - providing the foundation for all of these things – you have WiFi.

Access to the Internet has become so important to us – and WiFi has become such a part of our everyday lives – that we are now prepared to make jokes about it being one of absolute essentials of life.

Big turn-off

Like all jokes, the reason we find it funny is that it is founded in the truth. We have become completely dependent to having access to online services. We feel exposed and vulnerable when we are unable to pick up messages, keep track of what’s happening with our social groups, and keep up to date on the latest developments.

WiFi is so prevalent now that we tend to take it for granted. But when it’s not available, or it does not match up to the standards we expect, we soon notice – and that can be a big turn-off. People’s decisions about which café they frequent, the hotels they stay in, the gym they use, where they shop, the train service they choose to travel on, will all be influenced by the quality and availability of WiFi.

It’s the same for businesses – the standard of the connection you provide to employees and to visitors will have an impact on both productivity and perception. If you provide good, fast coverage in all areas, you’ll be seen as modern, progressive and prepared to invest in technology to get the best results. If connections are slow or unstable, or there are areas in which you just can’t get onto WiFi, it will have the opposite effect.

Cutting-edge tech

For this reason, it’s important that all organisations– in leisure and hospitality, retail, transport or any almost any sector in fact – have good, up to date WiFi and solid coverage over the whole of their establishment.

The technology needs to be up to date to ensure that the speed and bandwidth offered can keep up with the latest devices and services. Cutting-edge mobile phones, notebooks and tablets will all be using the very latest and fastest wireless standard (at present 802.11ac) and online services are offering richer content and higher definition and quality.

It is also vitally important to provide good coverage in all parts of the premises. No one will want to feel that they have to be in a particular area to pick up a good signal. And they will also want to feel that they can walk around without having the signal drop out.

Life essentials

With our latest dual-band access points and mesh WiFi systems, Zyxel has solutions that can ensure good, fast, stable coverage throughout any location. If you are not sure that your WiFi is up to scratch, it’s worth checking out the latest options.

You will probably know when your WiFi is not meeting the needs of your customers, guests and staff, as they are almost certain to tell you. WiFi is like all the essentials of life – when people don’t have enough of something important, they will soon mention it. Feed them, keep them warm, and most importantly of all, give them good WiFi, and they will be happy – and that will make a big difference to your business.

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