What is a mesh network?

What is a mesh network?

Mesh networks are increasing in popularity to help stabilise network connections where a wired router cannot reach to certain areas of the home. Ideally, Wi-Fi should be strong and stable throughout your home, no matter what room you choose to be in, but standard routers can’t always offer that reliable connection – that’s where mesh networks come in.

A mesh network uses a number of smaller routers called ‘nodes’ which interconnect to forward traffic between one another, solving the problem of poor Wi-Fi connection in certain areas of your home. Still acting as a single network, it can then deliver internet access to wherever the nodes can reach through broad and smart connections.

How does a mesh network work?

To change your standard Wi-Fi system into a mesh network, you will need to have more than one node (router) and connect the primary node to your modem. From there, you will connect each extra node to each other, enabling them to communicate further away from the primary one. It is effectively a chain of routers, with each acting as a link that can reach a farther distance, whilst staying attached and connected to the original node.

What is the difference between a mesh network and a wireless extender?

With a mesh network, your devices will seamlessly switch between node connections as you move around your home, ensuring you are receiving the best possible signal at all times. If you have a wireless extender, you generally have to manually connect to the secondary network it creates to benefit from the increased internet coverage. For example, when you choose what Wi-Fi network to connect to on a device, you will have to swap to the extended network each time you are in the area you need that boosted coverage.

What are the benefits of a mesh network?

Although a mesh network typically costs more than a traditional router, it does come with many benefits that will enable you to seamlessly use multiple devices efficiently. It will give you the ability to target rooms that are too far from the primary router with a stable Wi-Fi connection, whilst walking around different areas of a building without those annoying dips. It is also extremely easy to install and manage through a mobile phone app, so you can extend your mesh network by adding more nodes at any time.

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