Fit and forget

Fit and forget

Zyxel’s latest VDSL2, Gigabit Gateway provides the fast broadband access and comprehensive WiFi coverage that give homes or smaller businesses access to all the benefits of todays’ digitally-connected world, says Luke Harley, Market Development Manager EMEA for Consumer and LTE at Zyxel Technology is fascinating and brings so many benefits to us all.

The Internet and the broadband connectivity that gives us access to all the information on the worldwide web, enables us to make phone and video calls, and to stream TV and music through cabled connections and WiFi right across the home is now indispensable. But most people don’t need or want to know how it all works – just as long as it keeps working and allows them to do whatever they want to do on their smartphones, tablets, notebook PCs and smart TVs. Which is why the Zyxel VMG3625 AC1200 is great news.

Simple, fast, reliable This fast, reliable broadband gateway will support web surfing, email and social media, interactive gaming and digital video and audio streaming for the whole family, all over any average-sized house or small business. It is simple to install and manage and built to be to keep on working, day-in-day out. You can connect the VMG3625 to your broadband input socket, switch it on and then forget about it.

From that point on it will simply sit there in the corner and give you the speed and bandwidth, along with the exceptional WiFi coverage and reliable performance you need to support all your needs, including Ultra 4K TV services. For those who are interested in the technicalities – and many of our customers and partners are – the VMG3625 is a Gigabit gateway with VDSL2 vectoring and AC1200, dual-band (2x2) 802.11ac Wave 2 WiFi.

It can run at up to 867 Mbps over 5 GHz and up to 300 Mbps over 2.4 GHz. Fit and forget Do take note, this is a WiFi 5 device, but for most homes this is a reliable, proven technology that will provide more than sufficient bandwidth to support the everyday needs of the whole family. If higher speeds or an extended reach is required, there are Zyxel products that can meet that requirement, such as the Multy range.

But for the home and small business owners who simply want good, fast, reliable broadband and WiFi connectivity, the VMG3625 will do a perfectly good job. It can be fitted and forgotten about, allowing them to get on with enjoying everything that the digitally-connected world has to offer.

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