Do you know what’s threatening your network?

Do you know what’s threatening your network?

Have you ever wondered exactly what you are protecting yourself against when you install digital security? The media is always full of reports about the threat from ransomware, crypto-ware and malware attacks. And you only have to glance at the website for AV-TEST Institute, to see how much the threat is growing. According to the independent research institute, 350,000 new malware or unwanted programs are registered every day and in 2019, over 910 million pieces of malware will be detected.

That’s pretty scary, and evidence enough for any business to make sure it is fully protected and that all licenses for security software and appliances are right up to date. But, of course, until you actually get infected or suffer one of these attacks you don’t get a real idea of how effective your digital security protection is on a day-to-day basis.

Keeping track

This is where Zyxel’s SecuReporter becomes a very useful tool indeed. SecuReporter is a cloud-based analytics and reporting service that gives you detailed information on web traffic and the activity and effectiveness of Zyxel threat protection devices. It’s the perfect way to keep track of security appliances and ensure that they are going their job.

With SecuReporter, it’s possible to monitor ZyWALL ATP and VPN appliances and extract information, such as how many malware programs and other forms of attacks have been detected and repelled. It will also monitor activity, so you can, for example, see which websites are visited most. All of these details can be collected, analysed and collated, and presented on an on-screen dashboard and / or in a PDF report. Both can be customised and produced at any time.

SecuReporter is the ideal way to stay informed and make sure that your defences are doing their job. And of course, it will also identify if there are any potential gaps that you need to close. For partners, it is a brilliant tool they can use to provide a managed security monitoring service for their customers.

Add more value

From a partner perspective, this is an ideal way to add value and demonstrate the return on investment in Zyxel security solutions – and potentially, why some additional protection would be advisable.

As it’s a cloud-based service, SecuReporter can be used from anywhere to monitor networks remotely. Alerts can be sent to a smartphone, so administrators will always know when something significant has occurred on a monitored network. As it supports multiple tenants, SecuReporter is ideal for managed services providers to use as part of their extended offering.

If you want to know how well-protected your networks are, SecuReporter will give you the information you need. If you are a partner or an MSP, it will enable you to demonstrate the value and effectiveness of the Zyxel security solutions you have provided, and give you a way to add more value by remotely monitoring networks for your customers.

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