Are you ready to counter unknown threats?

Are you ready to counter unknown threats?

If you know about a threat, you can do something about it – but what if you don’t even know it exists yet? Thorsten Kurpjuhn, Market Development Manager Europe at Zyxel, explains how the company’s latest security appliances can counter unknown threats.

One of the big problems for developers of security software and appliances, is that organisations and individuals with criminal or malicious intent are always coming up with new ways to infiltrate networks.

As soon as you know about a threat, you can do something about it. But if it’s brand new, no-one knows – and no-one can do anything until they understand what it is, how it works and how to deal with it.

It’s these unknown pieces of malware and new kinds of attacks – sometimes referred to as ‘zero day’ threats – that are the most worrying for security experts. Even so, the assailants do not usually have much of a window of opportunity, as the intelligence networks that security companies run enable them to respond very quickly when a new threat appears. Software and appliances can be updated and the threat be eradicated within a few hours.

Potential for chaos

But new threats can still cause serious damage in that short time. Look at the chaos caused by the Wannacry virus in 2017.

This is why, with the new ZyWALL ATP800 security appliance, we have added extended capabilities that provide protection against unidentified threats and real-time sharing of data that ensures everyone’s defences are kept right up to date.

The ATP800 is the most powerful Zyxel firewall yet. It provides extended support for up to 500 users with cloud intelligence that provides seamless, in-depth protection against advanced and persistent threats.

Stopped at the gateway

With multiple layers of protection built in, the ZyWALL ATP800 blocks any malicious and suspicious traffic, preventing new threats from penetrating network defences. In addition, sandboxing capability ensures that even unidentified, potential zero-day threats are dealt with safely.

Information about new threats is stored and shared via the cloud, enabling all customers to benefit from a continuously-growing and evolving database of security intelligence. Details of traffic patterns and threats detected and neutralized are provided in a user-friendly infographic-style reports. Zyxel’s cloud-based SecuReporter service can also be used for further threat analysis.

With this kind of protection, customers can rest assured that their networks are as safe as they possibly can be from the unknown as well as the known threats to their networks.

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