An added layer of protection for WiFi customers

An added layer for protection for WiFi customers

Digital security and protection are really important for both businesses and consumers. WiFi networks are now one of the primary areas that hackers will target, so it’s vitally important to ensure that they are properly defended. That’s why the availability of the AiShield Security Service license for Zyxel mesh WiFi solutions, is an important development.

AiShield gives customers who have Multy Plus and Multy X solutions with the perfect way to protect their wireless systems – at work or at home – from external threats and online dangers. It provides multi-layered protection from a wide range of cyber threats, including malware, phishing attacks, and more. It is cloud-based and, as the name suggests uses artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to provide fully up-to-date protection. As it is owned and controlled by Zyxel, there is no reliance on third parties.

Extended protection

The availability of the AiShield Security Service for Multy means that customers who have Multy Plus can easily extend the 12-months security license that comes free with the product – and that Multy X customers can also now take advantage of AiShield benefits by purchasing a licence. In addition, Multy X customers will now also get a 30-day trial of the security package. This was already provided with Multy Plus.

The key benefit for consumer customers that use Multy Plus on their homes will be the ability to easily manage applications and apply parental controls. The big advantage of mesh WiFi is that it delivers consistent high-performance in every corner of a household. But this also means that younger members of the family could be using their computer or smartphone in the remotest part of a house, where it is harder for their parents to supervise their online activity.

The controls that come with the AiShield Security Service License make it very easy for parents to limit the websites and services that can be visited and used, to set time constraints for usage and block access whenever they feel it is appropriate – such as during the night.

Ready-made for IoT

Of course, AiShield is also very important for businesses too, especially for those who may be thinking of using IoT solutions, such as smart light bulbs and smart thermostats and meters. These are almost always connected by WiFi and will provide many more potential entry-points into the network. More homes have at least a few connected devices of this kind now and having a multi-layered and constantly-updated security service will become increasingly important.

But as noted at the outset, digital protection and security is now absolutely vital for everyone – at home and at work. The more protection you have, the better.

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