Ona Hotels Sóller Bay in Spain is gearing up for market-leading position with Zyxel GPON End-to-End Solutions

Ona Hotels Sóller Bay, a well-known 4-star hotel in Mallorca, Spain, was searching for future-proof, all-in-one solutions to upgrade its existing internet infrastructure for better WiFi coverage, higher bandwidth capacity, and connection speeds. With the comprehensive product portfolios and decades of broadband expertise, Zyxel Networks partnered with Grupo Royal Telecom, the local system integration of the hotel, to provide Ona Hotels tailored GPON End-to-End Solutions. The collaboration between Zyxel and Grupo Royal Telecom not only demonstrates Zyxel’s capabilities to provide customer-oriented and cost-effective solutions but also helps Grupo Royal Telecom establish a reputation for network deployment in the vertical markets. Check our story to see more details.

Zyxel is a brand we know of and their products and solutions are always preferred. By the end of the project, we can see that we have selected the right solution.

Raul García
IT Manager, Ona Hotels Sóller Bay

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