Connectivity Service

Device High Availability Pro

Device High Availability Pro

Businesses today rely on the Internet more than ever to run operations and deliver services 24/7. That's why networks must be designed with stability in mind, because any interruption could turn out costly for both the business and its customers. A high availability (HA) solution ensures minimal network downtime and complete recovery of normal operations, while providing all the tools necessary for consistent management and configuration of the network. Now, Zyxel introduces Device HA Pro, delivering fast failover and robust service for the ultimate in network stability.

High CAPEX and high OPEX when creating the infrastructure

Easy Deployment


Active-passive mode is much easier to configure, eliminating the need to consider asymmetric route/flow.

Difficult deployment with traditional systems

More Reliable


With dedicated HA port, devices can sync connection information and backup the configuration file without interference.

Complex signal planning without professional engineers to complete installation

Smart Handover


When failover events occur, existing connections will be maintained and recovered within seconds.

* License subscription fee and permits may vary by country.