Turkish HVAC Factory Overcomes Network Hurdles Across Vast Factory Space

The large size of DOGU HVAC’s factories was a major hurdle for its network, struggling to support multiple devices for internet access, camera surveillance, and VoIP services across existing and newly established factories. To solve this, its system integrator Despro Information Technologies teamed up with Zyxel to revamp the entire network infrastructure, ensuring non-stop operation and meeting customer needs. “Thanks to the support of Zyxel's expert team, our project was completed in a short time and met DOGU HVAC's need for higher bandwidth and faster network speeds,” said Mehmet GÜNAY, Project and IT Manager at Despro Information Technologies. Zyxel's switches were used to construct a 10G backbone connected via fiber to all endpoints, ensuring that the network covered the entire factory area. The deployment of WiFi 6E APs with interference-free 6GHz technology more than doubled the WiFi capacity, providing ultra-fast speed and low-latency connections that reduced congestion and improved user experience. The WAX620D-6E's BandFlex radio design allows the AP to support both the 5GHz and 6GHz bands, making it an economical choice for fitting existing 5GHz coverage and futureproofing the network for 6GHz usage. With this new network, DOGU HVAC can enjoy secure, high-quality connectivity without sacrificing speed or performance.

We are extremely satisfied with the new network infrastructure and value-added services provided within the scope of the project. We thank Despro Information Technologies and the entire Zyxel Networks team for their support in all stages of the project, from finalizing the project scope to project management, and configuring the infrastructure for IP camera and IP PBX solutions.

IT Operations Manager

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