Colombia Public Services Company Boldly Branches Out with Zyxel Nebula SD-WAN Solution

A public services company in Colombia was facing a dilemma: it needed a quick way to connect two new remote offices to their Bogota headquarters. A traditional MPLS network was out of the question, since it would take a month to get up and running. The company’s leadership needed to find a solution—and fast. A local Zyxel partner recommended Nebula SD-WAN, the fast, feature-filled, and user-friendly answer to all WAN problems. In one day’s time, the company had a fully operational link between their HQ and the satellite locations. Zyxel’s Nebula SD-WAN is making it easy for emerging businesses to expand to their true potential.

ServiGenerales is a company focused on providing integral solutions in the provision of public and complementary services. We needed a good technology partner to advance our business operations and provide faster service to our customers. At the end of our investigation, we chose Zyxel products and a Zyxel business partner, Weco, in Colombia. We knew we had made the right decision at the end of the project, since it was completed successfully in a very short period of time, in line with our requirements.

Ricardo Arrelano
Infrastructure Coordinator, ServiGenerales

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