A Zyxel Gear Change is Driving Renault’s High-Speed Expansion in Belarus

Around 2015, Renault Belarus had its keys in the ignition, ready for an aggressive expansion campaign to bring the French car brand to motorists across the burgeoning Eastern European country. But before putting its foot down, it needed to have in place distributed network infrastructure that was stable for its existing locations and easily scalable for its rapid future expansion. Zyxel had just what it was looking for. Here’s how Renault Belarus is faring now, five years later.

The network has operated very stably and met all our technical requirements. Our company has been expanding almost non-stop, and Zyxel’s solution and fast service have meant that our new networks are always set up on time. We plan to open another 25 to 30 locations throughout the country in the next few years, and we’ll definitely continue using Zyxel’s equipment for them. Thank you for being with us for these past five years!

Andrei Chikun
IT Director, Renault Belarus

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