Zyxel Brand 2.0 – It’s more than a logo and some nice colours

Zyxel Brand 2.0 – It’s more than a logo and some nice colours

From 7th September 2016, Zyxel began to look different – from our logo, to our tagline and the look and feel of our website. But that’s just the start: the way we explain our solutions and relate to our customers is also changing. In other words, you’re witnessing the launch of Zyxel Brand 2.0.

For most companies, a rebrand is just a few visual tweaks, and maybe a website makeover. But our project needs to be much more than that if we’re going to make the difference we’re aiming for. Part of this is the need to focus on delivering end-to-end solutions, rather than standalone products. Becoming ‘Your Networking Ally’, rather than just a hardware provider.

To support this change, we’ve realigned our products over the last two years, investing heavily in the best global ODMs and software R&D engineers to deliver unsurpassed quality and usability in our solutions. But this alone won’t be enough.

We need our customers to believe in our purpose, and the benefit our brand brings to their lives and businesses. And in order for them to do that, we need to speak in a way they understand. That way, they’ll know Zyxel are the people to see when they want solutions that meet – and exceed – their expectations.

While our new tagline, ‘Your Networking Ally’, references the close relationships we have with our customers, it’s our brand promise that we hope resonates with our audience – and helps to propel their businesses to the next level. The promise in question? ‘We exist to unlock people’s potential’. With the help of our rebrand, we’re hoping to achieve just that.