World-beating WiFi For your holiday park: Why it’s crucial

World-beating WiFi For your holiday park: Why it’s crucial

WiFi Connectivity: Are Holiday Parks & Resorts Post-Pandemic Prepared?

The Great British staycation is back — of that there is no doubt.With international travel restrictions promising to be a feature of 2021, many Brits are looking to fall back in love with the beauty, fun and nostalgia on offer at coastal and country locations up and down the UK.

As a result, many domestic leisure resorts and holiday parks are gearing up for a bumper summer and autumn 2021. But are they prepared for — or even aware of — the new customer demand for top-notch connectivity?

Lockdown has created a nation of online streamers

Things have changed drastically over the course of the past year. Online screen time has soared. According to a study of our media habits by Ofcom, during lockdown we spent as much as 40% of our day in front of a screen, doubling our use of online streaming services like Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video.

To do the new things they enjoy, your guests expect — and need — high-performance WiFi experience when they’re on holiday. This is as important as ever, particularly for the so-called ‘silver streamers’ — older people who previously only watched broadcast TV. During lockdown, 12 million people adopted a new streaming service, with 3 million doing so for the very first time. This increase in online streaming behaviour coincides with a drop off in demand for traditional TV. Ofcom’s survey notes that over 90% intend to stay signed up to newly-adopted online video services, with more than half saying they’ll continue to consume the same amount of streamed content as they did during lockdown.

With these new leisure habits comes new, unprecedented demand on our internet connectivity. To enjoy online content, customers have the expectation of consistently high levels of performance. As we pack our bags for that first post-pandemic break, the new tendency towards streamed content isn’t going anywhere. For those on-park evenings curled up with a film, or for video calling friends and family, customers need top-quality connectivity. Broadcast TV isn’t enough anymore; there’s an expectation for WiFi to work seamlessly.

How can leisure resorts and holiday parks ensure that their connectivity and WiFi are post-pandemic prepared? Fortunately, we know a thing or two when it comes to delivering world-class connectivity to leisure facilities!

Becoming a holiday park connectivity king — switching is key

Leisure locations are often synonymous with tremendous connectivity challenges — particularly those in secluded, rural locations. Providing excellent WiFi to a number of lodge units is a big logistical challenge that needs careful planning and execution. One aspect of the infrastructure is network switches.

Switches: fundamental to smooth, seamless WiFi that boosts guest enjoyment and business operations

Network switches are the foundation for delivering that all-important home-from-home connectivity treatment. Switches are hardware that connect devices within a network, sending data packets to and from these devices. They underpin the apparent simplicity of network technology, achieving WiFi that simply ‘works.

“As laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other devices have become more familiar, we have all become quite adept at setting them up. Most of us have also learned how to connect them to network equipment, like WiFi routers and access points. But while all these technologies seem to be almost ‘plug and play’ now, beneath their apparent simplicity is a wealth of complexity.

“Without a switch, no network would work. The switch is the foundation of the network that supports users, whether they are in the office or at home. Having a good, firm foundation is crucial. Therefore, the choice of switch is important and needs to be done carefully and correctly — it should not be seen as a commodity product.

“Zyxel switching is a crucial component that enables the guests to be provided with the best possible connection. At the same time, the leisure park itself needs this level of connection to operate its business. This includes both taking payments and internal team communication. Therefore, Zyxel switching is very important in providing a reliable network for both customers and staff.”

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