Working from home? How to stay productive and secure

Working from home? How to stay productive and secure

Working from home has long been an appealing idea; after all, who doesn’t want more flexibility in their workday and schedule? And, at this very moment, remote working is being adopted by necessity by businesses and organizations across the globe. However, the practice comes with many challenges, especially for small companies.

Many businesses have not previously included remote working in their long-term planning. As a result, they’re now running into problems as they try to implement the appropriate measures overnight. How are remote workers like accountants, administrative assistants, and dispatchers to do their work from home without secure and high-speed access to their companies’ networks?

A home office for everyone – quickly and easily

Zyxel’s comprehensive solution solves these problems by enabling remote users to remain connected to the company’s network, in turn allowing them to perform tasks as efficiently and precisely as usual. After a short consultation with a customer, the Zyxel support team can determine their requirements and devise a fast, straightforward, and robust solution that delivers the most efficient home office experience possible. The team makes this happen by setting up a virtual private network (VPN) and firewall to ensure a bulletproof connection to the client company’s network.

Routing traffic through a VPN means that all employees can securely access their company’s files and network from home. The VPN does this by creating an encryption-protected tunnel that connects each employee directly with their company’s network, thus preventing third parties from gaining unauthorized access to the data being transferred inside. The addition of a firewall to the home office provides protection against other deadly cyberthreats such as ransomware and attacks by viruses that sneak in from the home network.

Flexible, simple, and cost-effective

For those working from home, Zyxel’s VPN solution is easy to use and offers high-speed access to their company’s network. For that company’s IT administrators, it is easy to manage and offers flexibility and reliability. In every case, it allows work to get done while its fundamentally secure design provides peace of mind.

Don’t let cybersecurity threats, be they worms, trojans, or spyware, stop you or your employees from working remotely in a safe and speedy manner. Keep every byte of data safe and keep everyone productive, be they at the office or at home.

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