Why LTE backup needs to be top of your Christmas Wish List

Why LTE backup needs to be top of your Christmas Wish List

Reliable broadband access is the key to the whole family having a happy and stress-free Christmas and New Year holiday – so it’s best not to take any chances and put LTE backup at the top of your wish-list, says Luke Harley, Market Development Manager EMEA for Consumer and LTE at Zyxel.

There is never a good time to lose Internet access. That’s especially true over the Christmas and New Year holiday season, when we all spend even more hours online – scouring the web for that ideal present, checking in with old friends and family via social media and video calls, checking out what’s on locally and booking restaurants and cinema or theatre tickets.

We’re also much more dependent on our digital connections for home entertainment. Most of us now use a music streaming service and also receive TV stations and services through the Internet. Then of course, there is the need that everyone has to be constantly online; when the family are home for the holidays, that’s the time when you’ll make the most use of your WiFi as well.

Sensible choice

All of these services depend on one thing – broadband access. At this time of year, you simply can’t afford to lose your digital connection. This is why it makes such a lot of sense to use Zyxel’s LTE3301-PLUS 4G LTE-A Indoor Router.

With its built-in cellular connection, the LTE3301 will provide continuous and seamless connectivity should your broadband connection be lost for any reason.

Staying connected

It’s worth remembering that this is a time of year when the weather deteriorates across the whole of Europe – and that can mean more disruptions to connectivity networks, so the chances of an interruption are higher.

If you want to make sure that you can get all your online shopping done, connect with family and friends, listen to your favourite music and watch your favourite films and TV shows – and of course, email Santa – you’d be smart to put a Zyxel LTE3301-PLUS 4G LTE-A Indoor Router at the very top of your Christmas Wish List.

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