Why do Christmas lights slow down Wi-Fi?

Why do Christmas lights slow down Wi-Fi?

Changes to the home will always leave wireless networks susceptible to interference and Christmas decorations are no exception to this rule.

Christmas lights will not only affect the wireless environment, but their power adaptors can also interfere with broadband speeds. If these adaptors or chargers are placed adjacent to the router or phone line, your network will be susceptible to dropping out.

“It’s also important to remember that an increase in other tech being used at home such as remote control devices, Bluetooth subwoofers, mobile phones and tablets will all potentially affect the speed of your wireless connection.

To avoid this, we suggest following these simple steps to guarantee an enjoyable, connected Christmas:

1. Ensure your Christmas tree and decorations are not hung over your broadband router

2. Ensure power adaptors and chargers are not using the same wall socket or extension cable as your broadband router

3. Ensure your router is able to support a surge of signals from new the tech-based presents that might be used on Christmas Day