When two is better than one

When two is better than one

By embedding the functionality of our wireless controllers into our new generation of security appliances, Zyxel is offering customer more flexibility and value, says Patrick Hirscher, EMEA Wireless Market Development Manager.

Technology is exciting because it is always changing and moving forward. IT systems and networks are always getting bigger, faster and better it seems. As it becomes possible to do more, it makes sense to add to the functionality and capabilities of products. This increases flexibility for technology users and helps to keep production costs down.

Like any other technology developer, Zyxel is always striving to develop and improve its products That’s why have incorporated the wireless controller functionality that we have, up to now, provided both in the distinct NXC product range and within our unified security gateways and advanced threat protection solutions. To be specific, into the USG series and the ZyWall VPN and ZyWall ATP ranges.

Of course, we have not done this just because we can. It makes good sense for our customers, for our partners and for our own business.

Benefits for everyone

First, and most importantly, it benefits business customers by providing all the capabilities of our unified and advance security appliances along with the wireless network management and control. Today, security and WiFi go hand-in-hand. WiFi is one of the most obvious routes for hackers and data thieves into a network. it is also potentially fertile ground for identity theft.

You need to ensure that both all users who connect to WiFi and also that the organisation providing the wireless access are well-protected. The bigger the WiFi network, and the more users you have connecting, the more need there will be for good management and control. Having the ability to plan and manage the deployment of devices, provide secure authentication for employee and guest access, and monitor devices, is extremely useful.

It also means that both the wired and the wireless network infrastructure can be given the same level of protection, with USG, ATP and VPN devices providing unified cover and a consistent experience for all users, however they are connected. The controller license will also be portable between the different devices, so from a cost perspective, combining the wireless controller functionality with security features also makes good sense.

Easier to manage

There is also the advantage of only having one device to manage. With a stand-alone security appliance and WiFI controller, there would be two devices to configure and monitor. With the functionality combined on a single device, management is simplified, so administrators will spend less time on setting-up and troubleshooting.

All of this also makes sense for both our partners and for Zyxel itself. It means that they – and we – can offer customers more functionality and capability within the same appliance. This is more cost-effective both for customer and supplier and it will, ultimately, mean there are fewer devices to manage, support and maintain.

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