Whatever happened to the heroes?

Whatever happened to the heroes?

Users expect a lot from their connectivity today. They expect to be able to connect to WiFi instantly – and securely – wherever they are.

When they are at work, they expect the network to cope with the additional demands that they and their colleagues are placing on it by making increased use of high-grade networked video and conferencing, team collaboration, voice services and public and private cloud apps and storage.

At no time, do they expect their connections or their data to be compromised in any way.

All this threatens to overwhelm networks, wreak havoc on their business efficiency and leave their data open to exploitation. Unless something is done to enhance network performance, eventually, it will.

To the rescue!

When that happens, customers they will expect their trusty supplier to triumphantly ride in on their proverbial white charger and fix the problem with little more than a twist of their screwdriver, or a few clicks of their technically-sophisticated, multi-button wireless mouse.

In reality of course, you never want to get to that stage. Rather than needing a hero to come to their rescue, customers need their networks to deliver stoic as well as heroic performance, day-in-day out and never let them down. It’s the networking Products that can take the pressure and soak up the extra demands placed on bandwidth, WiFi access and perimeter security that are the real heroes – and that’s what we are highlighting with our latest Zyxel Heroes campaign and incentive.

Networking superheroes

We’ve identified a series of Products in our switching, wireless and security ranges that we believe are the real superheroes of networking for our partners and their end-user customers. These are the Products that deliver the fastest speeds and throughput, the smartest and most stable connections and have the strength to keep the dark forces of the digital world at bay.

As well as shouting about the valiant role that these devices play in keeping networks safe from the perils of ever-rising bandwidth demand and keeping hackers with evil-intent at bay, we’re making an extra 10% discount available to Zyxel partners on them, which means they are even more profitable to sell.

If you are looking for a set of solutions that will make you a superhero to your customers, you need look no further than the Zyxel Hero Products. Find out more in the Zyxel Partner Portal here.

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