The small appliance that gives you big protection

The small appliance that gives you big protection

With Zyxel’s ATP100, smaller businesses can get the kind of enterprise-class protection that have previously only been within the reach of larger organisations, says Thorsten Kurpjuhn, European Security Market Development Manager.

Zyxel’s ATP100 is designed to deliver the kind of protection that all organisations need against known and unknow threats – but in a package that’s easy to deploy and affordable even for the smallest of businesses.

Every business now needs to ensure that they protect their networks and data against known and unknown threats. This applies even to the smallest of companies. Even if you only have a handful of staff, you must comply with GDPR and other regulations, minimise the chances of your systems or data being compromised, and safeguard against ransomware or other external attacks.

Traditionally, smaller businesses have not been able to afford the kind of robust perimeter defences that a corporate organisation would typically deploy. But that’s not the case anymore. The increasing need for all businesses to have good protection has expanded the market and to meet those needs, Zyxel has extended the reach of its ATP range of security appliances to SMB and micro businesses.

Comprehensive protection

Our ATP100 solution provides comprehensive protection against all manner of threats – both known and unknown – but at a price that’s affordable for businesses of all sizes. It provides first-class protection against known and unknown threats.

Like the rest of the ATP series, the ATP100 provides strong multi-layered protection that will block both malicious and suspicious traffic, preventing new threats from getting into the network. Advanced sandboxing capability ensures that even potential zero-day threats that have not yet been definitively identified as problems, can be safely managed.

Shared information

Any information about these new threats is stored and shared via Zyxel’s cloud-based global threat intelligence system, thus enabling all customers to benefit from an ever-growing and evolving store of information.

In addition, ATP100 customers can make use of our cloud-based SecuReporter service can to get further information on the kind of threats that the ATP100 is protecting them from; this is presented on a clear and simple dashboard that shows the type and volume of threats that have been detected and repelled in an easy-to-read and understand infographic style.

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