The simple way to deliver Multi-Gigabit performance

The simple way to deliver Multi-Gigabit performance

By enabling much faster connection speeds over existing and lower-cost copper cabling, the new Zyxel XS1930 switches deliver higher performance to users without major changes or investments in infrastructure upgrades, says Luke Harley, Market Development Manager EMEA for Switching at Zyxel.

The demands on all networks are growing. With increased use of content-rich applications and video, cloud-based applications and the need for improved security, the level of traffic being transmitted is building up. Added to this, the growing popularity of wireless connectivity means that the number of users and devices now connecting is rising all the time. There may be a number of access points to support across a network, as well as IP surveillance cameras and other devices.

This is increasing demand for 10 Gigabit-capable switches and Zyxel has responded by releasing smart managed switches that can deliver both the speed and flexibility modern businesses need to keep pace. Indeed, the XGS1930 switches have quickly become best-sellers. They are simple to deploy and provide excellent performance and functionality. They are very popular with customers of all sizes, due to the excellent combination of speed, flexibility and value that they offer. There are PoE++ options, to power 802.11ax Access Point for example, and they can also be monitored and controlled through Zyxel Nebula cloud management platform.

Perfect solution

Yet even with all these advantages, our XGS1930 switches don’t quite meet all the needs of all customers. They deliver excellent up to 10 Gigabit connectivity via Ethernet copper or SFP+ optical fibre ports, which is ideal if you are already using fibre or you want to install it to get the very best performance and versatility. But what if you don’t have fibre or, due to time or budget constraints, don’t yet want to deploy it?

Zyxel has now introduced the perfect solution for customers who find themselves in this position. The new XS1930 smart switches provide the same performance, the same excellent set of features and the same exceptional value delivered by XGS1930 family, but over copper (Category 6 or higher) cabling.

Easy installation

This means that customers who already have Category 6 or higher grades of cabling installed can simply plug the XS1930 switches into their existing infrastructure and enjoy the benefits of multi-gigabit performance right away. If there is a need to update cabling, standard Ethernet copper cabling will provide a lower-cost option than fibre.

A new 5-Colors LED solution has been introduced to let System Integrators know easily the negotiated speed on each port, either 100M, 1G, 2.5G, 5G or 10G. On XS1930-12HP, the model with PoE++ 802.3bt up to 375W PoE budget, another 3-Colors LED system associated to a 5-segment PoE Max LED system give a comprehensive information on PoE consumption.

The first models to be made available are the XS19301-10 (non-PoE) and the XS1930-12HP (with PoE). These switches are ideal for networks where only copper cable is available, or when both Multi-Gigabit and PoE++ have to be provided by the switch. They XS1930 Series will available from Zyxel Partners all over Europe from May 2020 onwards. Further additions to the range will be coming later this year.

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