The power to perform

The power to perform

Today’s advanced IP devices need more throughput, so the launch of Zyxel’s latest PoE injectors is significant for customers that need to deploy small numbers of WiFi 6, IP cameras, PoS terminals, or IP phones says Luke Harley, Switching Market Development Manager EMEA at Zyxel.

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is an amazing technology, allowing you position network devices in places that are difficult or awkward to reach with mains power, or where you simply want to keep clutter and cost down to a minimum.

Where you need to deploy several IP devices, the best solution is to use a PoE switch that provides power on all its ports. But when you only have one access point or a small handful of IP devices that you need to power in this way, you’d use a PoE injector. These small, ingenious devices sit between a conventional (non-PoE) switch and the network device itself. They plug into the mains power supply and “inject” power onto the Ethernet cable.

Clever and convenient

Where they are needed, PoE injectors provide a really clever and convenient solution to a problem that would otherwise require a switch that had much more PoE capability than required.

At Zyxel we are constantly working to meet the changing needs of customers and make the best of the latest technologies and we’ve now launched two brand new PoE injectors – the PoE12-30W and PoE12-60W – to meet the higher performance and throughput requirements of the latest PoE-powered devices that customers are attaching to their networks.

More customers are now looking to make use of WiFi 6 (802.11ax) access points, for example, and ultra HD IP surveillance cameras. PoS terminals and IP phones have also become more advanced and more demanding when it comes to bandwidth.

Multi-gigabit speeds

With support for speeds of up to 2.5Gbps (PoE12-30W) and 5.0 Gbps (PoE12-60W), our new PoE injectors are designed to support multi-gigabit speeds, so you can be sure that there will no fall-off in performance on these devices and connections.

You will also note that the injectors have, respectively, significant PoE budgets of 30W and 60W. This makes them capable of supporting multiple PoE devices and products that require a relatively high level of power supply, such as the Zyxel WAX650S WiFi 6 access point, and HD cameras with pan-zoom-tilt (PZT) capability.

Of course, to make sure you get the benefits of this increased performance, you will need to be using one Zyxel’s multi-gigabit switches – the XGS1250-12, for example. If you are already looking to provide optimum performance across the network, you are probably using this or another model from our XGS line-up already. If you are not, that’s something we’d advise you to seriously consider.

If you would like to hear more about our new PoE injectors – or the Zyxel XGS range of multi-gigabit switches, please contact your nearest Zyxel office of trusted partner.