The growing customer call for cloud-based network management

The growing customer call for cloud-based network management

As the demand for connectivity continues to grow, your customers are looking for a better way to deliver a service to personal and corporate devices connecting to their work network.

Of course, this is your problem. You’re the one that sold them the wireless system, the access points, and probably the device hogging the bandwidth. And now they’re looking at you, hoping you can help them with their network.

Nebula changes everything

Perhaps you’ve considered taking network management right to their front door by way of an on-premises solution? Normally these are a one-time purchase – and have over the last few years been an attractive option for resellers like you. The thing is, enterprise-grade Wi-Fi is too expensive for most customers, it costs a lot in manpower to manage and it can be complicated to use. Equally annoying, however, is that easier-to-use consumer-grade Wi-Fi isn’t quite fit for SMB – it’s also crucially not secure enough, as well as being non scalable.

We get the frustration. So we challenged the status quo. We developed Nebula – our cloud-based network management system.

Say hello to built-in scalability and redundancy; quick-fire deployment that’s always easy to manage; and a pay-as-you-grow model that reduces that daunting capital expenditure (capex) in favour of the more manageable, growth-friendly operational expenditure (opex). So instead of buying all the kit in a risky upfront investment, we use a subscription model that can help to spread the cost over a period of time while you get everything up and running.

All in all, Nebula is the simple network management solution that’s most cost-effective for your business – and more beneficial for your customers.

Your partner in growth

Your growing business needs a product portfolio that will grow with it. So we’ve built scalability into the heart of Nebula – so it can expand with you, supporting more networks as you take on more customers.

And as a cloud-based solution, geography doesn’t matter. You can  manage all the end users you like, from wherever you are, without having to hire more engineers, or travel to customer premises to carry out maintenance or administration.

It’s easy to get started with Nebula. Features like zero-touch provisioning (so you don’t have to fiddle with manual setup) and built-in multi-site network management tools (so you can keep tabs on your customers’ networks from one place) make deployment a speedy, foolproof process – for networks of all shapes and sizes.

Ongoing efficiencies

And to make remote management as easy as possible, Nebula comes with an intuitive and automated management interface. Apart from being really simple to use, packed with features, and available on desktop or mobile devices, Nebula Control Centre (NCC) eliminates the need for training and labour in your network maintenance and support – giving you access to real-time insight, monitoring and reports.

Plus, continuous system updates mean you’re always in the best position, equipped with the latest features, and supporting all your customers’ networks to deliver 99.99% uptime.
Take off with Nebula

Scalable implementation, cost-effective operation, and remote network management. It’s called Nebula, and it’s changing network management for the better.

If you’re looking to expand your business, manage more networks, move to an opex finance model, and deliver a more reliable network service to customers, make the jump to Nebula, and join the pioneers in cloud-based network management.

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