The economical way to deliver PoE

The economical way to deliver PoE

The new GS1900-24EP smart managed switch provides 12 PoE ports and 12 standard ports, providing the flexibility and lower acquisition and running cost that is ideally-suited to many smaller businesses, says Luke Harley, Switching Market Development Manager EMEA at Zyxel.

The GS1900 family is Zyxel’s most popular range of switches. These smart managed, Gigabit Ethernet devices provide everything a small or medium-sized business needs from a network switch. Excellent performance and reliability, fast throughput and a range of port options – from 8 to 48, with and without PoE.

But what if you have a relatively small office or business premises (a yard, workshop, or small industrial unit, for example), where you have perhaps up to 20 people working, and you need PoE support for maybe perhaps no more than six to 10 devices – to support desk-based IP phones, for example, or a set of security cameras.

Unused capacity

In such a situation, you need a switch that will maybe support up to 24 connections, but you would not need that many to have PoE. You would have to opt for the GS1900-24HP . However, while you would need this many ports to support PC connections, and maybe a wireless access point, most of the PoE capability and capacity would not be used.

This is why Zyxel has now released the GS1900-24EP; a version of the GS1900 that comes with 12 ports that support PoE+ and 12 non-PoE ports. By doing this we have been able reduce the overall cost of the switch, while still providing PoE support that is adequate for many small business scenarios.

The total power budget of 130 W is the best in its class and like other GS1900 PoE switches, the GS1900-24EP can deliver up to 30 W per port, making it ideal for smaller clusters of devices that occasionally need higher power, such as more advanced IP cameras. But it won’t use more power than is needed by the connected device, thus leaving more available to other ports.

Smart wizard

The built-in smart fan adjusts speed to suit the internal temperature automatically, resulting in whisper-silent in operation. It comes with the ZON configuration wizard, making it very quick and easy to set-up. Other important features include support for guest VLANs, allowing businesses to isolate visitors from the main network if required, and a reboot/restore button, which enables the switch to be returned to its original settings at any time.

The GS1900-24EP will be ideal for many small businesses and offices. It adds a new dimension to the popular GS1900 family – one that will make it an even more popular choice for our customers and an even more successful product for our partners.

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