Taking WiFi performance to the next level

Taking WiFi performance to the next level

The new NBG7815 WiFi 6 router from Zyxel offers much higher data throughput rates that will make a real difference for anyone who uses a lot of HD video and graphics and for gamers and movie fans, says Thorsten Kurpjuhn, Market Development Manager Europe at Zyxel

Human beings are naturally adaptable creatures. This applies to our use of networking technology as much as anything else. If we have to, we can get used to slightly slower performance and small delays – as long as they don’t really hold us back that much. But we also quickly get used to getting really good performance and response times.

This is certainly the case with WiFi. It’s become an essential technology now – at work and at home, but we have never really expected to get quite the same level of performance from WiFi as we do from a wired connection. Even so, once we take a step forward and experience faster speeds or better performance, we never want to look back.

A better experience

This is exactly what we expect to happen with the new Zyxel NBG7815 WiFi 6 router, which will soon be available. Once a customer has experienced the improvement in performance and consistency it delivers, they will never want to go back to a previous version of WiFi.

The NBG7815 is going to be great for homes or small businesses where there are quite a few connected devices and good bandwidth is needed everywhere. The 802.11ax technology used in the NBG7815 is around 25 percent faster than the previous 802.11ac standard and provides much more consistent bandwidth for everyone who is connected to WiFi. With earlier versions of WiFi, after a few users logged-on you would start to notice the difference in performance; with WiFi 6 this is not a problem.

With 12-antennas and advanced MU-MIMO technology, this router can provide coverage over a vast area and deliver high data transfer rates. Depending on conditions and the structure of buildings, it can reach around 3500 square feet, without any additional equipment or extenders. This is more than enough for the vast majority of small businesses and households – and every user who logs on should experience the same high level of performance, wherever they are in the coverage area.

High transfer rates

What all this means really, is just that it is faster and more reliable for everyone. But where the NBG7815 really excels is in data transfer speeds for content creators. For anyone who is uploading or downloading big files all the time – such as graphic designers, video producers and games developers, or indeed, home users who play HD games or watch a lot of Ultra HD movies – the NBG7815 will make a big difference.

A business or home user that has this kind of requirement will probably be quite used to having to wait a little while for files upload or download, but with the new NBG7815 they will notice the improvement straight away. No more delays – no more waiting for files to transfer. The inclusion of a multi-gigabit Ethernet port that will support connections of up to 10Gb is a further bonus. This means that, for businesses that are connecting via WiFi to a wired network, there is no chance of the connection between the router and the LAN becoming a bottleneck.

The NBG7815 router takes WiFi performance to the next level. It is ideal for households or businesses that want to maximise their wireless speeds and cut out any possibility of latency or delays. In benchmark tests it has performed very well indeed. We are quite excited about its arrival – we think our customers and partners will be too.

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