Take control of your network with Zyxel CNC

Take control of your network with Zyxel CNC

Increasing regulatory requirements, such as GDPR, are compelling organisations to ensure they can monitor and manage their networks effectively – Zyxel’s Cloud Network Center could be the answer

Managing networks and ensuring that users receive a consistent and stable service is a significant challenge, especially if the network is distributed across multiple sites and locations. In most industries and markets today, regulation is increasing and it’s becoming necessary for organisations to demonstrate that they are in control of their digital resources and actively on the look-out for potential weaknesses that could lead to the loss of services and / or information.

And while data protection is usually the focus, it’s also vitally important to monitor and control network resources, as it’s usually through a flaw in the network configuration that vulnerabilities occur.

It’s equally important to ensure that performance is optimised. Any organisation that has an extensive network will be highly dependent on its network, which will be the medium for all their essential communications between locations and the platform for all their applications and services.  In the era of digital transformation, that dependency is only going to grow.

The Zyxel Cloud Network Center (CNC) has been designed and constructed to meet the growing need for effective remote monitoring and management of networks.

The CNC is a cloud network management system that enables resellers, managed services providers or a company’s own network manager, to monitor and check the health and status of networks from any location. Through CNC, any device that supports the SNMP protocol can be managed. Hundreds of devices can be monitored through a single screen, across single or multiple networks.

Information is provided to the CNC through a Zyxel Cloud Network Adapter (CNA). Licenses for up to 50, 100 or 250 devices are available and through the CNC, you can also perform remote configuration of replacement devices. This is done by using the second Ethernet port provided specifically for this purpose. It’s an unusual but very clever feature, as it means that new switches, gateways, access points or other devices can be given the exact same configuration as the previous device, without an engineer having to visit on-site.

Although it’s relatively new, there has been a lot of interest in CNC and in certain countries it’s really taken off. As awareness around GDPR and other regulatory requirements grows, we expect even more interest. If you’d like to find out more, visit https://www.zyxel.com/uk/en/products_services/cnc.shtml?t=p.