Spreading the word about the benefits of USG FLEX

Spreading the word about the benefits of USG FLEX

The USG FLEX series of security appliances has been a great success and Zyxel wants to spread the word about its benefits far and wide, so that even more customers can take advantage of their capabilities, says Thorsten Kurpjuhn, Security Market Development Manager Europe at Zyxel.

The Zyxel USG FLEX range of unified security gateways have been a real success story for Zyxel since they were launched at the start of last year. Both customers and partners really like the combination of excellent throughput, strong protection and flexibility they provide.

We are particularly pleased with the reception to USG FLEX as it has come at such a challenging time. The Coronavirus pandemic caused many organisations to change their plans and priorities in all areas – including IT and infrastructure. You might imagine that this was the wrong moment to be rolling out a new line of security appliances. In fact, the timing turned out to be quite good – for a couple of reasons.

Higher priority

First of all, security became even more important. With everyone working at home, many customers felt they needed to upgrade their protection and USG FLEX with all its new features and capabilities arrived at exactly the right time. The fact that we have since added VPN capabilities has made USG FLEX even more appealing providing as it does, options for IPsec, SSL or L2TP connections.

The other main reason the USG FLEX series has been appealing is flexibility. While access to office premises was restricted, the ability to install and manage USG FLEX appliances remotely using our Nebula cloud platform has been a really big advantage for our customers – and perhaps even more beneficial for managed services providers (MSPs).

One of our MSP partners in the Nordics region, Andrej de Godzinsky, CTO at Speeron, gave us some feedback on this recently. "The USG firewall series with Nebula connectivity and maintenance is a great combination that allows us to easily create robust network solutions for our customers. It takes down the installation time and any changes are very easy to implement.

In other words, USG FLEX is simpler for everyone, saves time, reduces costs, and provides great protection against all kinds of cybersecurity threats.

All-round protection

We are now heading into a new phase, in which there will be as many people working from home as there are in the office. This is going to underline the need for good security at the gateway to the network, so we expect there to be even more interest in our unified threat protection products.

The USG FLEX series really is an excellent set of solutions for smaller and medium-sized businesses that need good all round protection for all users, a really secure and flexible way to connect home workers, and flexible management capabilities. If you would like to find out more about USG FLEX options, please contact your local Zyxel partner or regional office.

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