SMBs can’t risk using outdated software

SMBs can’t risk using outdated software

Network attacks are more widespread than ever before and it is no longer just larger companies being targeted. Cyber criminals are proactively pinpointing the holes within networks, irrespective of the company’s size. As larger companies become better defended, it is SMBs that are at the highest risk of attacks today.

Dependency on legacy software

The emergence of the modern day employee has meant an amplified demand for a BYOD policy and cloud-based services – both of which increase security threats.

SMBs have been reluctant to refresh their IT security, as it has previously been both costly and time-intensive. With the same firewall being used for years on end, legacy devices with outdated processors have remained without the latest security features.

This means that SMBs have unknowingly been paving the road for hackers and as a result, putting their business’ entire network at risk of a cyber attack.

IT security: a business priority

A growing number of SMBs are shifting online to ensure the smooth operation of their business, both in terms of internal processes and external services.

SMBs simply can’t afford to compromise their IT security if they are to maintain a competitive edge. High-performance security solutions now include features such as application patrol, which enables SMB owners to keep a granular level of control over their network and protect their company data.

Many vendors now offer fully integrated solutions and therefore a one off investment in a solution that includes the latest UTM functionalities (e.g. content-filtering, anti-spam and intrusion detection) quickly speaks for itself.

As hackers become more ambitious, it has never been more important for SMBs to update their software to protect their business and employees. With reputational and financial consequences at stake, business owners need to refresh their network before it falls into the hands of cybercriminals.