Small changes can make a big difference

Small changes can make a big difference

For quite a lot of our customers, the latest firmware update on Zyxel switches will go almost unnoticed, but for those customers who have been looking for these new features, they make a world of difference, as Luke Harley, Market Development Manager for Switching EMEA at Zyxel, explains.

The changes that we make to our solutions with our regular firmware updates can go almost unnoticed by many of our customers and partners. But for some they can make a huge and extremely positive difference. That’s certainly the case with the latest, version 4.7, firmware update that we have recently issued for our GS, XS, and XGS switch ranges.

With this update, we have introduced three new modes that make it possible for certain products to be used to support specialist networking deployments – for IP surveillance, for audiovisual applications, and core routing.


Important upgrade

While these capabilities won’t make any difference to most of our customers for those who need these particular capabilities, this is a really important upgrade.

For anyone who is running an IP-based CCTV system, the new IP surveillance mode, which is supported on the GS1350 switches, provides an intuitive web interface for effortless installation and monitoring of devices. It gives administrators a clear view of surveillance devices in use, their operational status, and PoE usage.

The Networked AV Mode, available for the GS2220 and XGS2210 from January 2021 onwards, provides enhanced support for multicast video, which is ideal for a hotel that is streaming digital TV channels to guest rooms, for example, or any organisation that wants to stream multiple video feeds across the network at the same time.

Also, with this firmware release, we have added routing capabilities to our high-end XS3800 core aggregation switch. This means that the XS3800 is now a high-performance hybrid device that can do the job of both a core network switch and a router. It can be used to identify and use the optimum pathway between different network segments. With support for multi-gigabit connections as well, the XS3800 is an excellent choice for any organisation that needs a resilient, high-performance, stackable switch with a wide range of capabilities.

Responding to customer needs

We have included the routing functionality in the XS3800 in response to specific customer requests. That is also the case with the AV and IP surveillance modes. They have been added to meet new or additional needs that we have identified by taking feedback from our customers and reseller and MSP partners.

There are scores of other improvements that we’ve made with the firmware 4.7 release to enhance performance and functionality of all our switches. But the new modes and routing capabilities are the big additions. And for customers who really want these specific features, that’s big news. For all our other switch customers and partners, it is also a reminder of how Zyxel is always listening and responding to their needs. You can rest assured that we will go on doing that and improving the capability, performance, and reliability of our switches in every way we can.

If you have any feedback or features you would like us to consider for inclusion in a future firmware update, please let us know though your trusted Zyxel partner or local Zyxel office.

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