Resellers need to move swiftly to capitalise on the latest wireless technology

Resellers need to move swiftly to capitalise on the latest wireless technology

Staying connected is no longer a ‘nice to have’ or a demand for consumers and employees, but an expectation regardless of location. A recent survey revealed that the average employee carries 3.5 devices on a daily basis and as such, many businesses are facing the same challenge – prioritising either consumer standards or enterprise-class systems.

Businesses need to keep pace with the demand

Whether it’s hotel guests demanding connectivity in their rooms, teachers using online learning tools or employees looking to adopt flexible working practices, Wi-Fi is expected to be widely available and run seamlessly in any location. It is therefore unsurprising that one of the key obstacles for businesses has been to provide smooth connectivity in high-density environments.

Until recently, businesses have been using older equipment and have been forced to compromise on user experience for the sake of ease and cost-efficiency. With the perception that the latest technologies are difficult to deploy, a hassle to manage and in need of regular technical support, it is clear why many small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) have steered away from them.

Offering consumers new connectivity choices

However, with the launch of a new range of solutions based on the latest 802.11ac standard and Smart Antenna technology, it is no longer necessary to sacrifice the all-important user experience.

By combining affordability and tool-less deployment with enterprise connectivity, educational environments, hospitals and small to medium-sized businesses can now offer a high-performance wireless network that caters for the multi-device user in busy environments.