Removing the single point of failure with LTE technology

Removing the single point of failure with LTE technology

Businesses depend on their connectivity to stay secure and keep their digital systems up and running and losing the connection even for a few minutes, is unthinkable – Patrick Hirscher, EMEA Wireless Market Development Manager at Zyxel, explains how LTE technology can be used to provide a reliable fail-over when main connections go down unexpectedly.

Today, we all understand the benefits of the cloud and indeed, many organisations have already moved at least some of their applications and services into public platforms. Interestingly though, cloud services are really not that new – most of us have been using them for many years to keep our security applications and appliances up to date.

Digital security is entirely dependent on connectivity– and increasingly, the whole of the digital infrastructure also depends on having that live connection up and running.

Not rocket science

But there is a weakness here – and you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to spot it. If you are reliant on being connected to the Internet, you have an immediate and obvious single point of failure. If your ISP has a problem, so do you. You can guard against this by having two ISP accounts, but then, if the actual physical connection goes down – and that is always possible – then you arguably, have an even bigger problem.

LTE provider a really good contingency against such an eventuality. As long as you are in an area in which there is a good 4G or 5G signal, a Zyxel LTE router can act as a very practical, dependable, and affordable backup to your main connection.

Range of options

Zyxel has a range of LTE of solutions for indoors, outdoor, and mobile use, so whatever the requirements, there will be an option for you.

We have seen quite a lot of uptake of LTE technology over the past year as a simple and quick way of providing remote connectivity for people who have had to work at home. But we have also seen more organisations – and indeed, home workers – using it as a backup for their broadband and we believe many more could usefully adopt it for that purpose as well.

In a world in which our digital security and many other applications and services, depend entirely on being always connected, it is vital to have a backup plan – and LTE technology gives you one that’s both very affordable and easy to implement.

If that’s an option you’d like to explore further, contact your nearest Zyxel office, or your local Zyxel partner.