Put a hotspot in your pocket

Put a hotspot in your pocket

Getting a good WiFi connection when you are travelling or away from home – for you and the whole family – is always going to be important, so taking a portable hotspot with you is a good idea, says Luke Harley, Market Development Manager EMEA for Consumer and LTE at Zyxel.

These days, WiFi is available just about everywhere, and we’ve all come to rely on having good access to the Internet wherever we are. But for “just about everywhere”, you could also read “not absolutely everywhere”. Even in the most developed countries, there are plenty of locations and areas where you can’t get WiFi access. These will typically be in places where you – and maybe your family and friends – would really like to have a good connection to the Internet.

When you go on a long journey, for example, by car, train or coach, or when you are on holiday at the coast or in a rural or remote region, it’s entirely probable that there won’t be any WiFi available. And that any service you can find – in a local café or bar for instance – is using older technology, and so many people are connecting to it that performance is really poor.

Really useful

At these times a 4G data connection can be really useful. Most of us will make use of the LTE hotspot function on our smartphones, but of course, when we do, we are using up our data allowance – and that will almost always have limits. While a busy business user and frequent traveller might have a more expensive contract with a high allowance, most ordinary users and children will have be on lower cost plans with smaller allowances.

While those business users may be happy to share their connection, this is not ideal, as it will use up that ‘business’ data allowance very quickly and drain the phone battery pretty swiftly as well. This is when you need something that goes a bit further – and allows easy connection to 4G anytime, anywhere, by multiple users. This is exactly what the new Zyxel 4G LTE-A Mobile WiFi Hotspot (LTE2566-M634) provides. This pocket-sized device enables you to share an LTE connection with up to 32 connections simultaneously.

Modern mobile warriors

With a 300 Mbps download speed (and up to 50Mbps upload) it is extremely fast, and an all-day battery life (up to ten hours) means it is ideal for use on the move. It provides a reliable, LTE Category 6 connection and users can log-on by scanning a QR code, so it could not be simpler to use.

The 2.4-inch TFT LCD colour display will show you details of data usage, battery life, signal strength, download/upload speeds, service provider and WiFi status, the WiFi password, and details of each SSID and connected user. It will work throughout Europe and in America, Asia and the Middle East, so you can take it anywhere. Indeed, for many users, this may be the biggest benefit.

Business travellers will often find that they and their colleagues can’t get a good connection when they are travelling abroad. A Zyxel 4G LTE-A Mobile WiFi Hotspot, along with an appropriate roaming or local data plan, will provide a simple and reliable solution. For business and personal use, the Zyxel 4G LTE-A Mobile WiFi Hotspot is going to be a very useful addition to the modern mobile warrior’s armoury.

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