Perception and reality – how Zyxel’s core switches stack-up?

Perception and reality – how Zyxel’s core switches stack-up?

Zyxel’s XGS3700 – one of its popular core switches – offers excellent performance, features and return-on-investment and demonstrates that perception and reality are often very different when it comes to networking equipment, says Luke Harley, Market Development Manager for Switching EMEA at Zyxel.

It’s well-understood that perception and reality can be quite different. This is certainly the case with networking products, and it has always been something that has worked to Zyxel’s advantage. Customers are often pleasantly surprised by the capabilities and relative cost of acquiring and running our technology.

When it comes to switching, there are certainly products and brands that are perceived to be more ‘high-end’ than Zyxel. But in reality, they provide nothing more terms of performance, features or reliability (and sometimes less), than a comparable Zyxel offering. Indeed, we’d also argue that, over the lifetime of the switch, Zyxel will give you a much better return on your investment.

Highly resilient

One switch that fits this description very well indeed is the XGS3700. This is one of our most popular network devices. It is a highly resilient, Layer 3 Lite, managed switch with an internal, dual power supply and hot-swappable fan. It is ideal for mission-critical deployments in the data centre and at key points across the infrastructure. There are 24- and 48-port versions and the PoE option has a total power budget of 1000 Watts, which is pretty high. All models offer multi-gigabit support and up to eight units can be stacked.

All this makes the XGS3700 a pretty versatile and cool switch, that outstrips comparable devices from what might be considered to be ‘higher-end’ brands. Discovering that it is also available at a significantly lower price tag than those products often delights our customers.

Challenging perceptions

As I already mentioned, it is popular and in recent months it has been in even greater demand. We think that this is not simply down to more partners and customer becoming aware of the great combination of performance, features and value the XGS3700 offers, but also because network designers and equipment buyers are challenging their own perceptions.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many projects have changed direction and focus. The priorities for IT have altered and purchasing decisions have been subject to greater scrutiny. As a result, many customers have been focusing harder on the core capabilities and value that networking products can deliver. That is the reason, in our view, the XGS3700 is attracting even more attention.

Whatever your perception is of core switch products today, we’d urge you to take another look at what Zyxel has to offer – not only with the XGS3700, but our entire switch range. We think you may be positively and pleasantly surprised.

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