Ouch. The five biggest pain-points for network providers

Ouch. The five biggest pain-points for network providers

We’ve all been there. You pack a network with F1 technology, and it delivers cart horse speeds. Your customers complain, it escalates, and before you know it, you’re either a client down, or out of pocket because of repair costs. How did this even happen? You used the latest technology from reputable brands, and ended up with a network that’s slower than a telegram. Well rest assured – you’re not alone. Here are the five biggest pain-points for providers like you.


When adding a new AP, it doesn’t improve the Wi-Fi performance

In an environment where users are packed into a relatively small space, like a classroom, or a lecture hall, adding a new access point doesn’t always make a difference. This is like throwing climbing gear down a well to save the puppy that’s trapped at the bottom. The tool used might be valuable in some cases, but that doesn’t mean it’s fit for this particular purpose.


When you’ve promised to deliver wireless at a conference for hundreds of users – and you’re not sure it’s going to work

You couldn’t turn that job down, could you? But given previous experience, you’re pretty worried about it – and it’s difficult to know whether you’ve got the right tools until you really put them into practice. So you’ve got to jump off the metaphorical diving board, and hope the swimming pool is full when you reach the bottom.


When you installed an AP in each room, and users still struggle with slow download speeds

You spent time and money installing those access points. You quoted for them, ordered them, delivered them, and configured them. All that for a late Wednesday night phone call from the venue manager, wondering why his presentation won’t load. It’s like the network universe hates you.


When you invested in new technology but you haven’t seen the improvement you expected

Technology brands can be convincing. We’ve all been taken in by phrases like ‘hyper-fast’, ‘seamlessly integrated’, ‘uniquely synergised’ and ‘feline enabled.’ Okay, maybe not that last one. But it’s frustrating when you invest in the latest technology – complete with a futuristic-sounding name – and realise it doesn’t quite live up to its billing.


When your customers’ expectations of you crumble

The rolled eyes. The ‘sure, sure’, whenever you make them a promise during a site visit. You get the feeling that your customers aren’t buying it anymore – and worse, they’re only still with you because you’re the approved supplier. For now. When your clients stop expecting you to deliver a strong experience, you’re in trouble – and unless you start soon, you know you’ll be out the door. Cue stress.


So all in all, it’s not always easy being a network provider. But as long as you keep looking for the right solutions, you’re going to continue being successful. Good luck out there – we believe in you.

At Zyxel, we’re pretty convinced we’ve got the solution to all of the above. And that’s not just our opinion either – we’ve had it independently verified by some very, very clever people. Read the full report here!