One day, all networks will be managed this way

One day, all networks will be managed this way

Zyxel Nebula gives you a great way to configure and install devices and to manage networks via the cloud, easily and cost-effectively

Deployment is one of the challenges resellers and customers face when implementing both wired and wireless networking equipment. For just about any network switch, gateway or wireless access point, some set-up and configuration will be needed.

While this will be relatively straightforward for a trained Zyxel partner, it will still require a site visit. All this takes time and adds to the cost. And you’ll have the same challenge every time you add or need to replace a device.

Zyxel has developed Nebula Cloud Networking to make deployment of networking equipment easier. Nebula is a remote management system that makes it possible for new devices to be installed and managed remotely. With Nebula-enabled switches, gateways and access points, the network can be managed and monitored over the web.

Even better, Nebula devices can be installed in moments, having been pre-configured prior to installation. When the device is plugged into a network, it connects back to the Nebula Control Center and the configuration is downloaded and initiated, automatically. Within moments, the device is configured and ready to use.

From a customer point of view, this is ideal, as it means there is no need to arrange, wait for and pay for, a site visit by an engineer. From a reseller or MSP’s perspective, it makes providing remote installation and management of customer networks very easy indeed.

It will be especially useful for managing customers with more than one site, growing businesses and those with more extensive networks to which new equipment is often being added or replaced. For small retail chains, college campuses or hotels, for example.

Also, and very importantly, service providers can manage multiple customer networks and make the Nebula Cloud Control Center the central portal for their network management service delivery.

By installing Zyxel Nebula devices throughout the network, you can manage the entire infrastructure, end-to-end. It is possible to provide different levels of visibility, access and control, so customers can be given the ability to see what is happening on their network, but not to make configuration changes. You also have more granular control over areas such as bandwidth allocation, so you can reserve more for key user groups or locations.

Nebula is great for the customer too, as it means much faster, easier and convenient installation – and means that they can have their network monitored and managed by a real expert. There is no need to pay a subscription for essential firmware updates and install them when they become available either – it’s all included in the Nebula license.

The licenses and the devices themselves are very affordable. In some cases, it will be cost-effective to replace all existing network devices with Zyxel Nebula products, due to the massive cost savings that can be made on installation and management costs.

The added flexibility it offers are of great benefit to both partners and customers. And we estimate that using Nebula could cut network deployment cost by half. Although it has only been available for a very short time, we are already seeing a lot of interest in Nebula. It’s our belief that some day, all networks will be managed in this way and that day could be coming sooner than any of us imagine.

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