Nebula is now even better for your business

Nebula is now even better for your business

Zyxel’s cloud-based management system is now even easier to access and provides an ideal platform for reseller and service provider partners to offer remote installation and network monitoring
Most resellers are now moving to a business model that is focused on delivering managed and cloud-based services in exchange for regular fees or subscriptions, instead of sales of capital equipment and software licenses.

For end-user customers, using managed services simply make sense. Rather than trying to monitor and manage network resources, tweak settings and deal with any issues that might arise themselves, they can rely on an expert who is sitting in a remote office, keeping watch on things from a distance.

This is especially true for SMBs and smaller businesses who don’t have in-house IT expertise. It’s with these businesses in mind that Zyxel designed the Nebula cloud system to be as simple to deploy and use as possible – and we’ve now made it even easier for both resellers and customers to understand and use.

Easy deployment
Zyxel switches, gateways and access points that have Nebula built-in are very easy to deploy. When connected to the network they will communicate with the partner’s Nebula management portal automatically, enabling a pre-defined configuration to be downloaded and applied almost instantly. There is no need for an engineer to visit on-site to perform the installation. It is simple, quick and cost-effective, both the for customer and the reseller.

From that point on, the devices can be monitored and managed remotely as well.

With all Nebula devices we are now providing access to a full 365-day rolling system log, free of charge. This means that the reseller or MSP partner can see full details of activity on the device for a full 12 months from the day of installation. After one year, it reverts to a seven-day rolling record of activity. But you can upgrade to the full 365-day version if you want to keep the extended log in place – which you may well do in 2018 with GDPR coming into force. With the Professional Pack, as we call it, you also get access to extended management features, so it is quite useful.

But for simple monitoring, the seven-day log will be sufficient, especially once the device has been bedded in for a year.

Simple and consistent
This proposition is not very different to what we offered before, but it’s now simpler and consistent right across the Nebula range. We have also modified the pricing, so all the Nebula devices are even more attractive from that perspective. For resellers and MSPs, access to the Nebula Cloud Control Center management portal is free, so it’s a very easy and cost-effective way to offer managed network monitoring.

What all this means is that, for customers and for service providers, there is no need to pay anything extra to get the benefits of remote monitoring and management enabled by Nebula.

The range of Zyxel products with Nebula is also expanding. Early in 2018, we will also be introducing dual mode support on some of the popular 1100 series wireless Access Points to further expand the portfolio. This will make Nebula even more attractive for partners who have already moved, or are moving towards a managed services business model.

If you have any questions about Nebula and how it can be used to monitor and manage customer devices and networks, please get in touch with your local Zyxel office.