Nebula gets more intuitive

Nebula gets more intuitive

The new version of our cloud-based network device monitoring and management platform has a new and more intuitive logic flow and gives customers and MSPs an easy way to control and get the best out of their network investment, says Kevin Drinkall, EMEA Wireless and Cloud Market Development Manager at Zyxel.

More and more of our customers – and managed services partners – are now making use of our Nebula cloud management platform to make configuring and controlling their network devices easy. Activation rates are growing at a very fast pace. And we now have released version two of Nebula, which has a much-improved graphical interface and additional features that make it even more appealing as a way of managing network devices and infrastructure.

There is support for our new core switches and the WiFi products we have planned for release later this year. These will come with cognitive capabilities and make use of AI and machine learning to provide smarter management of connections between devices and access points. This will make Zyxel’s growing range of multi-gigabit switches and WiFi 6 access points – all of which are on their way soon – even more appealing.

But that’s for the year ahead. What’s important right now for any customer or MSP that makes use of Nebula – or is planning to in the near future – are the new capabilities and features that make it even easier and more attractive as a way of managing single or multiple sites.

Great success

The first version of Nebula has been a great success, but of course, we are always striving to improve every aspect of our solutions. We wanted to make sure we capitalised on that, which is why – at the beginning of last year – we gave our dedicated Customer Experience Team the task of making Nebula even better.

They took a lot of customer feedback on board and then worked with our development team to come up with the new version. Importantly, they have focused on the overall usability aspects of Nebula so that, instead of adding small features and functions that look and feel like they have been ‘bolted-on’, it feels like a single, consistent and complete platform.

As a result, the new Nebula has a very attractive and genuinely intuitive user interface, through which you can easily find and activate the functions you want. You can customise the way Nebula v2 works, setting up your own personalised dashboard. From there you can drill down to get more information on individual devices.

Exciting prospects

Nebula is available free of charge for all our Nebula-supported devices – and with the Professional Pack license, you get even more advanced features. This is not expensive though and will give you the added functionality you need to take full control of your networks via the cloud. That means you can set-up devices remotely and monitor performance and adjust configurations through the Nebula Control Centre – on any desktop or notebook PC, or even from a smartphone.

We’re really excited about the new version of Nebula. We believe it will persuade even more of our customers and partners to place it at the heart of their network management. For our reseller partners who are looking to offer managed services, it’s ideal, as it requires only minimal training, is capable of supporting multiple customer sites (and it has some advanced features that enable MSPs to do this really well), and provides a great way to offer additional value to customers.

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